Workers Compensation
Lien Negotiation and Hearing Representation

Our hearing representation services include trial briefs, pleadings, DOR's (declaration of readiness to proceed) and Petitions. We also prepare in-house lien negotiations, prepare exhibits, file assessments and file and serve time sensitive documents in preparation for hearings.

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Expert Witness: Civil Trials
Workers Compensation

Our experts provide proven analysis and testimony utilizing applicable fee schedules and Usual & Customary standards.

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Expert Bill Review

Our experienced staff is committed to providing our valued customers with accurate medical bill reviews to achieve maximum cost containment at an affordable price.

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Hospital and Out-Of-Network Facility Bill Negotiation

Trust us for our expert bill review negotiation service that provides up-front, experienced negotiation for out-of-network hospital and facility bills. Our experience provides the expert negotiation you seek.

Expert Witness Testimony for Lien Trials

Our team members are certified and able to testify as an expert witness at lien trials. We can also work with your defense attorney to prepare for lien conference and setting liens for trial.

Medicare Conditional Payment Lien Resolution

Our team of medical, legal and claims professionals manage many Medicare claims and Conditional Payments annually. Our expertise, experience and resources can help you navigate the tricky road of Medicare compliance.

MPN Assessment and Litigation

Have a lien with a Medical Provider Network (MPN) issue? We can help you quickly assess your options and determine the best course of action. We will analyze the situation and discuss our detailed recommendations with you.

Walk-Through Services for In Pro Per Settlements

Avoid trouble caused by the delays and adequacy issues on In Pro Per settlements. We’ll help you manage the settlement filing from start to finish and coordinate speedy approval, so you can reduce legal expenses and unwanted delays.

Photocopy Bill Review & Audit

Through our photocopy review service, we can help you correct inappropriate photocopy billings. We analyze the bill and send you an explanation of review (EOR) with recommendations for payment and reason codes for any reductions.

Medicare Set-Aside

Let us help to mitigate Medicare exposures. We are one of the west coast's leading providers of MSP compliance services.

MCR Smart Check

Smart Check is a service in which we review an explanation of review (EOR) for compliance under the State laws as it pertains to the correct language and reason codes.  This tool will reduce and likely eliminate unnecessary litigation.