We have been part of the San Diego Consolidation in regards to Outpatient Surgery Centers as well as global settlements in Northern California. We are prepared to supply Expert Witness Testimony, Case Preparation using your defense counsel, Exhibits, Trial Briefs and negotiating of liens.

The following are a few samples of cases we have assisted with recently:

Gustavo Romero Trial- MCR Testimony Upheld. Savings against Carrillo Surgery Center $269,789.69; Med Legal Photocopy $1,174.89; and Dr. Moelleken/Spine & Ortho Center $130,928.50. Total savings of $401,893.08 based on the expert testimony of Tedy Norohian.

Ramon Cordova Trial - MCR wins as the Hearing Representatives defending Compwest Insurance. Decision lien claimant Del Carmen Medical Center lost in a Take Nothing decision for $25,000.

Ofelia Llamas Trial - MCR wins as the Hearing Representatives defending Lumbermen's Underwriting. Decision against lien claimant Brito's Transportation and Order for Cost & Sanctions. Brito's lost in a Take Nothing decision for $6,898.74 and defense (MCR) was granted $715.83 back in costs.

Beverly Cartwright Trial - MCR Testimony Upheld. Savings against Dr. Burstein for $13,659.61. MCR bill review for $2,482.11 was upheld.

Martin Garcia Trial - MCR Testimony Upheld. Nothing further due beyond the MCR bill reviews against Dr. Moelleken, Dr. Fonseca, Prime Medical Resources and Metro Medical Shockwave ($0 allowed for shockwave).

Martha Ruano Trial - MCR Testimony Upheld. Industrial Health Care; Monrovia Memorial Hospital, Willow Medical Group; Orthomed; Prime Medical Resources; Joyce Altman Interpreters, Labs for Physicians & Surgeons, Dr. Rahil Khan and Hyde Park Medical Group. Total savings of $37,291.68.

Martha Nolasco Trial - MCR Testimony Upheld against Copy Service. MCR's Kunz study & recommendation was upheld against Med-Legal (copy service). Judge ordered a take nothing against Med-Lagal. Total savings of $6,050.54.

For further information on MCR services, please contact our office. We look forward to further serving your needs.

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